Serial Box

I’m excited to announce that Readers and Writers Blog will start serializing
Waiting for Spring on
Sunday, May 11.

Readers and Writers Blog was founded by a gentleman by the name of Sid Leavitt, a retired newspaper editor who once worked at the Portland* Press Herald. The site’s official description: “a combination website-weblog that promotes good writing. We give writers a place to publish their nonfiction, fiction or poetry of any length at no cost and give readers a place to comment on that work.” But what it is, really, is a haven for writers and a treasure trove for readers.

Currently posted work includes Gerard Jones’ Ginny Good; Disconnected by J. Cafesin; and Leavitt’s own Adrift in America. Needless to say I’m rather humbled by my own pending inclusion in this company, and would have touted this website even if my novel had not been accepted. The fact that it was makes it all the sweeter. You should check it out now. And, of course, check it out on May 11.

* Maine, not Oregon

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