Hubris + insanity = screenplay

From the makers of NaNoWriMo comes Script Frenzy!

Instead of writing 50,000 words of a new novel in a month, the goal is to write 100 pages of a screenplay. I’ve decided to throw my pen into the ring this year in order to bang out a movie adaptation of Waiting for Spring. *

Hubris: because I don’t even have literary representation for the book, let alone any immediate prospects for publication. The idea that I’ll ever need a screenplay is probably pretty remote, and that I’d be asked to write it even remote-er.

Insanity: because I’ve never written a screenplay before.

Sounds like fun to me!

*Speaking of shameless plugs, I’ve got a new website up and running. Still an embryo, but it’s a huge step forward. Much thanks to webmaster Tom Griffin. Check it out if you’ve got a sec.

2 thoughts on “Hubris + insanity = screenplay

  1. Screnzy is fun!
    I committed the insanity of signing up last year (despite always feeling that I suck at writing dialogue), and ended up having a fabulous time. Plus, it provided sort of a dry run for ‘Crash’.
    This year I’m doing a space comedy. Just because.

  2. I have actually considered doing that as well, since the dialogue is my favorite part of my novel, but I haven’t actually started yet. Jeff has done countless (okay, 6 or 7) screenplays, so should you need any guidance, I am sure he can point you in the right direction!

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