I detect a dialect

Today I had to put down a novel that I’d been looking forward to reading for a long time. I’ve heard it’s a good book, and I’m sure that–one day–I’ll find that out for myself. Once I can get past one thing.

Dialect. Ugh.

I’m a reasonably intelligent woman. If an author sets his/her story in–for example–England, I have a pretty good idea how the characters are gonna sound. And if I’m further informed that a particular character speaks with a Cockney accent, I can drop the H’s for myself…please don’t do it for me if that character has more than a few lines of dialogue. Pretty please?

Or maybe it’s just me…

2 thoughts on “I detect a dialect

  1. You’ve actually inspired me to write this on my NaNoblog (shameless self-promotion #1267645, I know). Because you have a point that I hadn’t given much thought earlier.

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