It happened at last: we had an honest-to-goodness winter storm up here in Maine. And it was real snow, light and powdery; the kind that wasn’t mixed with rain, freezing rain, sleet, or ice.

Here’s a picture of a female cardinal* red bird of indeterminate origin** Purple Finch out in our bird feeder. No doubt she’s dreaming of summer.

And here’s a picture of my cat, Hazel. No doubt she’s dreaming of eating the female cardinal* red bird of indeterminate origin** Purple Finch who is dreaming of summer.

* It’s been brought to my attention that this bird is not a cardinal. Thanks Mav!!!

** The bird has been identified as a Purple Finch. “Not as common as they once were and nowhere as common as the Cardinal. Actually a nice find these days. Carpodacus purpureus is the specie.” Thanks Tom!

6 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. That storm dropped about three inches on my yard. Good stuff.

    I’m not a typical Hoosier; I lived for 5 years on the Lake Michigan coast. I don’t even break out the shovel for less than 6 inches of snow.

  2. You can have the crap we got here. About four to five inches Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

    Buddha do I hate snow!

    Did break out the snow blower for the first time this season. Still perhaps the finest purchase I’ve ever made, as for a mere 300 bucks I saved myself quite a bit of back pain last year AND now I can help out the elderly neighbor we have keep her walks clear.

    But, that doesn’t change the fact that snow sucks.

  3. We’ve got a brand new ergonomic snow shovel. I just love using that puppy. Or should I say, I love watching my kids use it. That’s the number one reason to have kids, after all.

  4. Fanncy!

    Good to see you here.

    Yes, I am a VERY amateur bird watcher. I saw red and thought, “Aha! A cardinal!”

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