The end of the ordeal…

Well, I finally made it to the dentist today. Did you know that having a tooth-sized crater in the back of your mouth is less painful than having an impacted wisdom tooth? It’s true.

Here’s me begging again. If “I’m Not There” is playing in a theater near you, please go see it. Will it be showing in a theater near me in the boonies any time soon? Only if you city folk make Harvey Weinstein tons of money in ticket sales first.


“I’m Not There” will be showing in a theater near me starting December 7!!!

3 thoughts on “The end of the ordeal…

  1. Glad the tooth is gone. I find that I spend the better part of a week probing the cavities of removed teeth with my tongue.

    Why? Beats me. I’ve never been able to leave a scab alone either.

    e-mailed me lately?

  2. H2,

    I find myself doing that, too. It’s like a tiny, mysterious cave in my mouth that I have to explore. Human nature? Or a lady who has too much time on her hands? Probably both.

    And, yes, I emailed you just a few minutes ago. Twice in fact. Silly me.


    Oddly enough, I’m more excited about being able to see INT than I am about not being in agony. I’ve been playing “Modern Times”–on vinyl!!!–all morning long.

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