Swedish Dummies

With an eye to future cost, a company in Sweden has introduced the first female crash dummy.

Crash dummies have been around since 1949, but until now have been exclusively male. In addition to providing sorely needed information on how a female body reacts in a crash the new female dummy, along with several of her ‘sister dummies’ expected to be ready in a few months, will also provide sorely needed companionship for the hundreds of male dummies already in existance.

Execs are also hoping the arrangement will defray future costs in dummy production as nature inevitably takes it’s course. “This is really a win-win situation,” say representatives of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. “We are on the cusp of a bright future in the research of crash related injuries.” In a few months scientists hope to be in the position of studying with more accuracy the effects of crashes on a pregnant female dummy, and by this time next year confidently expect the arrival of the first ever naturally born baby crash dummy.

This will eventually phase out the artificial production of crash dummies, saving millions of dollars in production costs. Vince and Larry, pictured below, said in a joint statement, “We hope we can learn a lot from this dummy.”

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