8 thoughts on “What’cha reading?

  1. Just finished The Round House by Louise Erdrich, excellent, and started Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (love the Pendergast series!)

  2. I just finished rereading, Is That It by Bob Geldof, which is a GREAT autobiography, I read it back in 86 or 87 and it was interesting to reread it. Am about to start Wolf Hall: A Novel by Hilary Mantel, which looks interesting and then if I like it there is the second book in her series Bring Up the Bodies.

    But I went and looked at the Past Imperfect, which sounds good and ordered that and Snobs. (got good deals on used copies) Have you read Snobs? I LOVE Julian Fellowes for bringing us Downton Abbey, which I am hooked on .

  3. So am I . Forgot to say I put the other two Sandi recommended on my wish list. What a great idea you had R!

    I saw GP a while back, but, loved it. I wanna watch it again. I LOVE Dame Maggie Smith, LOL and that kind of thing. I am thinking about starting to watch ALL the episodes of Upstairs Downstairs, which I never saw any of.

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