Time To Start This Thing Up Again

There once was a time when I blogged here pretty much every day. That was a long time ago. A couple of years ago it began to dwindle down to a couple of posts a week. Then a couple of posts a month. Then to…well, pretty much nothing.

There are several reasons for the decline in output, chief among them being I plain old didn’t feel like blogging. That’s not a good reason, I know, but there it is. About a month ago, though, I realized how much I missed it. That’s right. A month ago. And still I didn’t post anything. A few times I sat at my keyboard with the intention of writing something here, but ultimately the evil I Don’t Feel Like It part of my brain kicked the crap out of the I Really Miss It part. And that’s not a good feeling. Because, seriously, I really do miss it.

Tonight I realized that nothing will change unless I hold myself accountable in some way. So here’s how I’m going to do that. I am publicly declaring that I will post something here every weekday for the next year. On the good days the output could be novelesque. Other days I might manage a sentence. Or a picture or video. Some days I’ll talk about writing and publishing, or host someone else who will talk about those things, others it might be about this stupid frigging diet I’ve been on. Or my slow acceptance of my grey hair (I’m really doing it this time!). Or pie. But it will be something. Every weekday.

And I’m happy to be back.


5 thoughts on “Time To Start This Thing Up Again

  1. It seems that everyone had taken a break from blogging! Now I have something to read (and make it look like work by reading it on my computer) and enjoy!

  2. Glad the blog is back. FB is cool and all, but, there is something special about your blog. And you just might inspire me to resurrect mine. Maybe

  3. There’s a lot of it about.

    I’ve spent the last year doing year 1 of 3 of a mental health nursing degree, so blogging hasn’t really featured very often.

    But I missed it.

    PS I love your ‘lazy’ hair!

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