600 Hours Of Edward by Craig Lancaster

Before Craig Lancaster was my friend, he was my competition in a contest for self-published books at The LL Book Review. His book (then called 600 Hours of a Life) was getting a lot of buzz in the comment section, which made me jealous, so I figured I’d download it to see just what this joker was all about. I didn’t own a Kindle at the time, so I had to read it off my computer monitor.

I didn’t move from the chair until I’d finished reading it. My eyes and ass were sore as hell, but it was worth it. I now count it as one of my all-time favorite books.

It was no surprise when the book was picked up by Riverbend Publishing a few months later and I was even more excited when I learned that it was acquired by Amazon Publishing a few months ago. Today is its rerelease day and I highly recommend you grab a copy.




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