NaNoWriMo wrap up

Okay...maybe there was a day or two during November when things were a little rough.

You may recall that I spent November using National Novel Writing Month to start a new novel. It went really well. I had no problem making the word count, and I think it has the makings of what could eventually be a good novel. Even better news for my long-suffering readers, taking a break from The Wendy House recharged my batteries, and made me anxious to start working on it again instead of wanting to chuck the thing (like I was tempted to do…sorry, but it’s true).

Also, writing the bi-weekly column, Keller’s NaNoWriMo Korner, for The LL Book Review made me remember how much I loved and missed blogging on a regular basis. So expect more of me here.

In case you missed ’em, here are some links to The LL Book Review columns. There you’ll read about how the writing went, see some vague hints about the plot, and a brief excerpt that will introduce you to my two main characters.

Nah, No Outline


NaNoWri…oh look! A butterfly!

NaNoWriGo with the flow

NaNo no-no

Mud and plot bunnies and such

Day after Thanksgiving musings

Writing what I don’t know (and a nerdy excerpt)

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