We’re in New York!

Monday morning, Dan and I drove past corn fields and cows on our way to the Portland Jetport to catch a flight to New York City. AmazonEncore sent a stretch limo to JFK to pick us up. On televison, the women sort of slink sexily through the door. I kinda stared at it for awhile and crawled in like a dork.

A limo!!!

Then on Monday night Amazon through a frigging fantastic party at The Press Room, which is in the hotel we’re staying at.  To get into the place, we had to be let in by bouncers through velvet ropes (seriously…that was rad). I got to meet a lot of writers I’d only met online, which was so exciting!


I stole my daughter's necklace for this party.

We also drink a lot of booze and ate raw steak on chips and gazed at the gorgeous skyline.

There was another party going on in the hotel, some sort of dog show thing.  We rode in the elevator with a poodle that was dressed in a purple tutu. Her owner was dressed to match. I almost took a picture, but didn’t want to be rude. (Now that I’ve been in the city for twenty four hours, I have no such reservations. If I see another tutu-clad dog, you’ll totally see it here.)

Then today I went to BookExpo America, where I met even more authors (and saw Charles Frazier, author of Cold Mountain!!) and scarfed up loads of books and other swag.


I also got to (finally!!!!) meet Kristen, my Paper Rats buddy. We took some video and photos which will end up in an upcoming episode of Inside The Writers’ Studio.
 Tonight my friend writer/editor Amy Rogers and I will be speaking at a publishing panel that’s being moderated by Carol Hoenig, then we’re going to hit Times Square. Then tomorrow Dan and I are going to be geeky tourists. First stop: The Harry Potter exhibit at Discovery Times Square. w00t!

9 thoughts on “We’re in New York!

  1. Wow Kel, sounds like you’re having a fantastic time! I would so like to visit New York. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your stay, and have a safe return home.

  2. That looks fantastic! You deserve every moment of this – you really do. I wish you the best whilst you’re there and I wish you even more success. :o)

  3. Slinking sexily is highly overrated. I just settle for not splatting short of the target. If I get all body parts in without anything slammed in the door, that’s bonus points. If I’m in a dress and manage the feat without flashing anything out the top or bottom as I try to lean over and in, it’s not just bonus points, it’s a miracle.

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