Another step closer

Countdown: One week until the AmazonEncore edition of Waiting For Spring is released.

Last night I removed the self-published editions from Amazon and other online retailers, which was both exciting and sad. Somehow it seems like it should have been a bigger deal than just clicking “unpublish”. It made me think about the journey this book has taken me on over the past five years and how grateful I am to have had all of you with me.

Waiting For Spring attracted Encore’s attention because of sales numbers and reviews, which I understand, and I appreciate each and every person who spent a bit of their hard earned money on a copy and encouraged their friends and family members to do the same. But for me it goes beyond that. I mean, you guys helped me design a t-shirt. You let me put you in my silly video. You’ve been in general an awesome group of people, and I truly appreciate all of your support and friendship.


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