May in New York. Or the other way around.

May is going to be a busy, exciting month. As you probably remember (because I keep reminding you) Waiting For Spring’s AmazonEncore re-release is set for May 10 (available for pre-order now, just sayin’). Now I can tell you that I’ll be in New York City May 23-25 for BookExpo America, the largest book trade fair in North America, courtesy of AmazonEncore. w00t!

The fun will start Monday morning, May 23, when my husband, Dan, and I board a plane in Portland, Maine. I believe I may have mentioned before that I fear flying above all other things, including Donald Trump’s hair and dentists’ bills, but that’s why they invented Valium. Assuming all goes well with the flight, I’ll be checking into my room at what appears to be a wicked swanky hotel, INK 48, where I’ll spend most of the afternoon getting ready for the party Amazon is putting on at The Press Lounge (which boasts “classic cocktails, an extensive wine list, and seasonally inspired small plates”. I don’t know what that last thing is, but I’m all for classic cocktails and extensive wine lists.). This kind of party is why they invented little black dresses and Mary Kay Suede lipstick, and I’m all set on both counts.

Then Tuesday: BEA! I can’t adequately express how much I’m looking forward to this. I even bought a Waiting For Spring-ish necklace for the occasion. Just to be surrounded by books and the people who love and make them will be a huge treat, but I’ll also get to meet in person several friends I’ve only known online; among them Craig Lancaster, Elisa Lorello, and fellow Paper Rat Kristen Tsetsi. That’s right! The Rats will meet at last! If you’re thinking you can expect an episode of Inside The Writers’ Studio to come out of this, then you’d be expecting correctly. There’s another event that’s still in the works for Tuesday evening, and when I get more details about that I’ll share them here.

Then Dan and I will spend all of Wednesday playing tourist. I’ve been warned not to wear my Red Sox jersey, advice I will surely heed, but I’d also like some advice on where to go and what to do. Something beyond the usual Times Square/Statue of Liberty thing (not that those aren’t great places to see, I’m sure.) For those of you who are familiar with New York, what are your Must See Spots?

And, just because, here’s my favorite episode of Inside The Writers’ Studio.

8 thoughts on “May in New York. Or the other way around.

  1. You must subway down to J&R and fondle ALL the Android tablets there. Also the SonyStyle Store near 54th St on Madison to fondle there. And OF COURSE you must stop in at the NY Public Library at 42nd & 5th!

  2. I can’t tell you why you should see it, seeing as how I haven’t seen it, myself, but Grand Central Station must be a must see, no? I’m pretty sure I’ll be chug-chugging into it on the train from New Haven, CT on Tuesday, and I’m so excited! Probably because of the scenes in Revolutionary Road. Back in the old days of the 40s, it seems like it was a romantic place. (Probably only in retrospect…to them, it was just a train station, and the way they dressed wasn’t special at all.)

  3. You fear flying even more than The Donald’s hair…and you’re still getting on a plane? Wow. You must *really* want to do this thing. 🙂 Sounds like they’re doing it in style, too.

    No ideas from me on New York (seeing’s how I’ve never properly been east of the Rockies), but if ever you head toward the Rocky Mtns or Pacific NW….

  4. Too cool!!!! That sounds like super fun!! This is goony, but Museum of Fine Arts? You can take a tape tour of just the really really famous paintings that’s only an hour or so. I love Soho. Little shops and restaurants and lots of people watching.

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