Resolved: More to appear here in 2011

2010 was a busy and exciting year for me – most notably, sales for Waiting For Spring took a huge jump, leading to a deal with AmazonEncore. But things here at Ye Olde Blog weren’t very busy, nor very exciting. I’ve been neglecting it horribly, and that’s something I intend to change.

I hereby resolve to post here at least twice a week during 2011. Good posts, heartfelt and funny posts,  just like I used to make in the Days of Yore.

Other resolutions for 2011:

  1.  Eat more cheese. And more chocolate. But not at the same time. Probably.
  2. Ditto coffee.
  3. Be more appreciative of what I have.
  4. Oh, and no more dyeing my hair. This time I mean it. I’m 40 now. I can get away with it. And I’d rather go gray the salt-and-pepper way now than the white-rooted skunk hair way ten years from now.
  5. I’ll chronicle the graying process here.

Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for all your support in 2010. Buckle up for exciting things in 2011!

5 thoughts on “Resolved: More to appear here in 2011

  1. Here’s to cheese and chocolate and at least two posts a week.

    I’m 46 and it might be too late for me..for my hair that is. The good news is I’m a curly-girl so I might not look so skunked when I stop coloring my lid.

  2. Happy New Year, Kel! And congratulations on WFS success! The best book evah!

    I come from a long, distinguished lineage of crazy women who refuse to stop dying their hair and end up 90 with black hair looking psychotic.

  3. Looking forward to your blog….and don’t forget some good Kendall Jackson with the cheese and chocolate!!!

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