Backword Books – Full Frontal

 Over a span of seven weeks in the fall of 2009, the Backword Books authors published interviews of each other on the Backword blog. Now, these interviews have been gathered together in a single volume available for free download (or “you set the price“) via Smashwords, allowing authors, publishers, and readers to enjoy these insightful exchanges on a device of their choosing.

The e-book is entitled, “Backword Books: Full Frontal — Author-on-Author Interviews about Literary Fiction, Independent Publishing, and Sources of Inspiration and Desperation.” It includes interviews with:

The Backword authors answer questions about their novels (what inspired the stories, who the characters are, what readers can expect going in), and about their chosen genres. Additionally, because each takes a different approach to the work of writing and the tasks of publishing and marketing, you’ll be sure to find plenty of tips, inspiration, and lively exchanges in this volume of interviews.

Check it out!

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