Ketchup post

I’ve been hideously neglectful of Da Blog, and there’s lots of stuff to catch up on.

1. NaNowriMo update:

Word count:  53,744

This means I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo. It’s actually my fourth time winning, which is very cool. (Waiting For Spring was the product of my first NaNo.) I’m not quite halfway through the story, though, and then I’ll have the editing, but I’m still pretty psyched that I made the wordcount goal in so short a time. I’m also relieved that – this time – something with a cohesive story is coming out of it.

2. Cheryl Anne Gardner’s review of Waiting For Spring  has been posted at POD People this morning. Check it out!!

3. BookChatter‘s on again tonight at 11pm (EASTERN TIME). Tonight we’ll be talking about the Harlequin Horizons controversy. Hope y’all tune in!

4. I’m working on my promised ‘abortion motif in Waiting For Spring’ post. It should be ready early next week.

5. Have a great weekend!

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