Operation eBook Drop

A group of self-published/indie authors have banded together to make their books available for free in ebook format to deployed soldiers. Detailed information is available at Mark Coker’s Smashwords blog.

If you know a soldier who has an ebook reader, or who is able to read novels on their computer (for example, I have a Mobi Reader on my PC, and I read novels in PDF directly from my computer) and might be interested in this program, please, please, PLEASE click on the above link. Or you can contact me directly either here in the comments section or via email at rjkeller.wfs@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with author Ed Patterson, who is heading up the program.

As of Sunday 800 ebooks have been ‘dropped.’ I am so excited and so proud to be a small part of this program.

Participating authors (if you know of one who is not listed, please let me know and I will gladly add him or her to the list):

Maria E Schneider
Kristen Tsetsi
L.K. Campbell
Elmore Haimes
E.J. Ruek
Leslie Nicholl
Jim Chambers
Kelly Abbell
Chuck Austen (Illustrator)
Willam Woodell
Lloyd Lofthouse
L C. Evans
R. J. Keller
Laura Eno
Moriah Jovan
Andrew Kent
Marva Dasef
Al Past
E. Patrick Dorris
Trish Lamoree
Stanley Morriss
K. Raven Rozier
Sharon Cathcart
Alan Baxter (Australia)
Susan Helene Gottfried
Brandan Carroll
Lisa Pietsch
Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy
Eugene Docema
S.A. Rule (UK)
Holly Christine
Joe Cottonwood
Sarah Barnard (UK)
Jacamo Petersen
Mike Monahan
Randy Lalonde (Canada)
Joan Szechtman
Wally Rabini
Belinda D’Allessandro (Australia)
Olin Thompson
Jeff Hepple
Tim Chambers
Edward C. Patterson

8 thoughts on “Operation eBook Drop

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  2. Hey, RJ, awesome post. Awesome idea to post about it; I’ve been Twittering it (and getting lots of retweets, too, I’m pleased to see), but yeah. I ought to get something up on the Meet and Greet. Thanks for the kick in the pants — or the idea to steal. *grin*

  3. Kel,

    Linda Welch is a participating author. I sent Ed a message letting him know I wanted to participate too, but haven’t heard back from him yet, so if you want to wave your magic wand (or fave MK lipstick) to help get me on board, I’d appreciate it.


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