Your old cell phone could help to save a life

Did you know that any cell phone with a working battery will call 911, even if there is no service attached to it?

Most domestic abuse shelters/programs accept old cell phone donations and distribute them to women or families who may need them in an emergency. You can donate your old cell phone(s) and help save a life. Get in touch with your local domestic abuse shelter/program (Spruce Run in Maine) or click here for more information from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

4 thoughts on “Your old cell phone could help to save a life

  1. P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I described “Waiting for Spring” thusly on Twitter:

    “like a perfectly boiled egg, there’s tender, tasty love in the center of this hard Maine town.”

  2. I’m experimenting with this theme again. I liked the other one, because it was so colorful, but it was hard on my eyes. (I have nerdily bad eyesight.)

    And I LOVE that description of WFS! I found it and retweeted it! Thanks!!!!

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