8 thoughts on “Audiobook Preparations

  1. I enjoyed this so much! I have so much admiration for you for the videos that you make! It would take me weeks to put such a thing together, and of course, it would never be that good and funny.

    Also, you look so pretty with that lipstick and hair and all! I understand your suffering for that lipstick shade being discontinued. You should quickly do an author photo session, get some nice photos before the lipstick is completely over.

  2. You did a wonderful job. I got a writing sweaterer, too. How interesting…

    But you are 100% correct…writers are an essentric lot. Some more essentric than others.

  3. You rock! That was awesome! I’m working on “it”. Where’d you get the cool headphones?

    I live for these videos. It’s sick, I tell you!

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