A HUGE thanks to all of you!

spruce run Today, I was able to send a check to Spruce Run in the amount of $250.oo (US funds). This included the royalties from the Amazon version of Waiting For Spring – both the trade paperback and Kindle versions – as well as royalties from the ‘set your own price’ tip jar at Smashwords.

In other words, it was because of YOU.

So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

All proceeds from the sale of Waiting For Spring will continue to be donated to Spruce Run, a domestic abuse project here in Maine that provides information and support to all people affected by domestic abuse. If you wish to donate to them directly, click this link. Or you can donate directly to a domestic abuse project or shelter near you.

3 thoughts on “A HUGE thanks to all of you!

  1. You are so awesome. That is really cool. I’m thinking of donating the 99 cents I’ve made from Shrink Rap to the local shelter, so they can buy a Hershey Bar and split it in little pieces and share it amongst the 80 residents.

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