A video interview!

Mr. Stacey Cochran interviewed me earlier today about “Waiting For Spring.”

It was SO much fun! He really put me at ease, and had some excellent, thought-provoking questions. I attempted to answer them without sounding like a pinhead.

Did I succeed? You be the judge.

And thanks again, Stacey!!!

5 thoughts on “A video interview!”

  1. I really liked hearing you rocount about telling off the one agent. Red ants eating your brain, was that it? No matter, that was brilliant.

    P.S. Your glasses are cool.

  2. Thanks Joe!

    I am legally blind without my glasses, but I rarely post pictures of myself online with them on. Because I’m hideously vain.

  3. I wear contacts…that’s my secret. (I haven’t had glasses in a few years since they broke…but then I got the repro 1800’s frames and got my presrcription put in them.) But everythings a blur without mine on, or contacts in.

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