A video interview!

Mr. Stacey Cochran interviewed me earlier today about “Waiting For Spring.”

It was SO much fun! He really put me at ease, and had some excellent, thought-provoking questions. I attempted to answer them without sounding like a pinhead.

Did I succeed? You be the judge.

And thanks again, Stacey!!!

5 thoughts on “A video interview!

  1. I really liked hearing you rocount about telling off the one agent. Red ants eating your brain, was that it? No matter, that was brilliant.

    P.S. Your glasses are cool.

  2. I wear contacts…that’s my secret. (I haven’t had glasses in a few years since they broke…but then I got the repro 1800’s frames and got my presrcription put in them.) But everythings a blur without mine on, or contacts in.

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