I’ve been to see the doctor today. Turns out I’ve got a sinus infection and bronchitis. I was kinda hoping it was swine flu. This is the conversation I imagined having with my boss.

ME: So…I won’t be into work for a week or so.

BOSS: Why?

ME: Swine flu.

BOSS: Really. Swine flu. In that case, take a month off. With pay.

Instead it went more like this:

BOSS: Sinus infection and bronchitis. That’s not contagious, right?

ME: Nope.

BOSS: And they gave you antibiotics for it, right?

ME: Yep.

BOSS: Good. See ya bright and early in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Swine

  1. So sorry. Your boss sounds like the sensitive type. Yeesh. Go in and blow your nose on his doughnut.

  2. Well, honey, you may not have swine flu, but you certainly have a ‘swine’ in your life. And didn’t your doc give you a sick note, saying you need time to recover? Bronchitis usually means at least a week off!!!!!

  3. Good news / bad news update:

    Good news: I got the whole weekend off from work!! Memorial Day weekend. How cool is that?

    Bad news: It’s only because antibiotics have a rather hideous effect on my gastroenterological system.

    Still, a weekend off is a weekend off.

  4. I had a few choice words I wanted to say earlier…but self control got the better of me. Anyways, it’s good he gives you the weekend off, but it does require around a week to recover well enough. So, I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. See, going to the doctor first was where you made your mistake. You should have said it was the Swine Flu to begin with, and then when the Dr. said it was something else, everybody would be so glad you weren’t going to be Maine’s first death in the epidemic after all that they wouldn’t bat an eyelash at your taking a week off for sinus/bronch/itis.

    That’s what I did — when I got sick a week or so ago, I claimed Swine Flu right off the bat. Scared the crap out of everybody. (Including myself, a little.) 🙂 Still only got one day off, though. 😦 And I got better really fast, so I didn’t end up going to the doctor anyway. And nobody believes I had the Swine Flu. (I can’t even convince myself.)

    Come to think of it, I could have played that whole Swine Flu thing a lot better.

    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling well enough now to enjoy your 3-day weekend.

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