Absence makes the heart grow a flounder

Or something like that.


Yes, I know I’ve been VERY hit or miss lately, especially in returning emails and in keeping up with my buddy’s blogs. It’s all in a good cause, though:  Writing. The screenplay is coming along rather nicely, although I have had to cut out more characters than I would have liked. (Don’t worry…Zeke isn’t going anywhere.) Also, Rick’s world is taking shape. It’s not a nice world for him right now, but that’s as it should be.

I got an email from a reader last night who asked me if I’m a clean freak and / or a health nut like Tess. The answer is a resounding NO on both counts. I’m quite possibly the third biggest slob you’ll ever meet, and Brian’s addiction to Chef Boyardee comes directly from moi. I especially dig the Beefaroni. He (yes, guys have read the book, too!) also asked me which part of the book I enjoyed writing the most. I had a lot of fun with Chapter 15, aka Tess’s One-Damn-Thing-After-Another Friday From Hell. My goal was to make her day just as shitty as I possibly could, and I think I succeeded. But I’m proudest of how the still-controversial (yes, I still get nasty emails about it) Chapter 26 came out. It was damned hard to write, but it had to be done, and I didn’t let myself off the hook. I guess that’s all anyone can ask of themselves.

In other news, the newest feature on Publishing Renaissance (our Friday weekly news in publishing wrap-up) is live. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow a flounder

  1. I’m glad you’re making progress with the screenplay. I wished I had so much determination to stay away from the Internet and write more too.

  2. Just be glad it’s hit and miss with emails and blogs rather than hit and miss with your writing.

    I always found when I’m a clean and well organised area, I’m not as productive. If I’m in the midst of chaos, I write better. And I take it this is perhaps how it might be with you. But keep up your good work. And happy writing!

  3. I’m so happy I read WFS, and can understand all WFS references. Thanks for saving Zeke. I liked Ch. 26. I thought it was a realistic perspective from the character’s point of view. Why is it controversial?

  4. Robin, it’s the whole abortion thing. I’ve received nasty emails from angry readers on both sides of the issue. My response is always: “Be sure to condemn me vehemently on your blog!!!”

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