Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Win an autographed copy of Waiting For Spring” contest!  The following names will go into the sombrero Monday morning (yes, it’s a literal sombrero):

Joe Glasgow

Shannon Yarbrough

Jen O


Kaitlyn (who entered on my MySpace blog, where I also posted this contest).

The winner will be announced Monday morning. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s that Neil Diamond song I was talking about last week. (Thanks Robin and H2!)

2 thoughts on “Anthem

  1. Oh, I missed the contest! I was going to post something on my blog about the contest itself, as I covered the book already.

    Will you have another one soon? Some day?

    Can I buy the book from Amazon and then send it to you by mail to sign it? Or I can send you the check, in case you have some more copies at home? I would love to have a signed copy and actually I really want to pay for it, because I read it for free already and I think you are way too generous.

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