3 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. OK. I went to the site. I’ve visited twitter once before. Let me just admit right now and before the world – I don’t understand twitter. Where do the quotes come from? Do you have to put them in? Are they automatically sent to other people when they sign on twitter? Do you look people up on twitter?


  2. I’ve been a member there for a few months, but haven’t really done much with it. I decided to take it a little more seriously today after a few people sung its praises over at MoJo’s blog today.

    Yep, you put in your own quotes. You can “follow” people (like friending them at Facebook or Myspace) which means you’ll see their tweets. There’s a search function there, so you can look for people you know.

  3. I saw this twitter site featured on the news this morning. When I saw that, I thought, ‘Hey, that’s what Kel was talking about!’

    (I try to be selective over what sites I join…I don’t even have a facebook. Why? Mostly because I can barely remember the dozen passwords I already have…)

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