15 thoughts on “Kel’s Road Trip

  1. Great video, Kel. I am also “frugal” and I get it completely. Really, what’s the fun in paying full price on anything? Or even buying new–no history behind the stuff to make it more interesting and no saving-the-planet pride.

  2. I heart the Kel Videos. I cracked up at the Tory Burch “Jasmine” shirt. It even sounds funny out of context. Nice touch with the “Ooooo”, too!

    However, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the state of Maine to appoint you as the new Secretary of Tourism.

  3. Being ‘cheap’ is bad; being ‘frugal’ is good.

    I love thrift shops. The last time I went to one, I got a 3 piece suit there for $7.50! Barely worn, from 1982 (I think), looks brand new. But I mostly shop at Military Surplus…they have cool coats and sweaters. And patches.

  4. If I had a beautiful voice, I’d absolutely share it. As it is, I only use it as a tool of torture for the kids when we take road trips together.

    “If you guys don’t quit fighting, I’ll totally start singing. Seriously. I’ll do it.”

    Works every time.

  5. I’m going to have to learn to do what you do with videos. They’re cool!

    I have an admission…the suit I have worn at all 4 of my daughters’ weddings cost £10 (about $14) from a thrift shop (the profit went to a local charity). It still looks good. Well, acceptable, perhaps…

  6. Robert, I use Windows Movie Maker. I like it because it’s what my mom calls a PHD device … Push (or click) Here Dummy.

    And YEAY for more bargain clothes!

  7. I used to love Bangor, until they built it up across from the mall. Now it’s nothing but ugly chain stores. Half of ’em are going out of business now, so soon it’ll be a bunch of ugly, empty chain store buildings.

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