5 thoughts on “An interview

  1. Thanks, Kel. What are you doing? Now people will really read that stuff. (I am talking about my poems, not your interview which is one of my better works–maybe because it is mostly you).

  2. That was good. Good questions and answers all together.
    And I’ll also be checking out the poetry.
    Great job!

  3. I found your book on a free book website and I wish I hadn’t. It is disgusting and un Christian and you should be ashamed of it. I have e mailed all my friends to let them know to not read it too.

  4. Dear Anonomous,

    I know you did, and I appreciate it very much. Since 3pm, the traffic on my blog and on my website has increased by almost 50%. Waiting For Spring was downloaded 17 times between 3:15 – 6:00 PM. 14 of those downloads were done from Alabama IP addresses. I sold 3 Kindle versions, too.

    Please feel free to email your objections to my book to as many more friends as you’d like.

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