9 thoughts on “Proof that Kel needs to get a life:

  1. That is scary! I mean, well done, Kel. I cannot even imagine how you did that. Are you a professional graphic animator (or however they’re called) to pull off such a thing?

    But that is scary! You ca produce something for high school kids–might take the booze out of some heads.

  2. I am humbled in the face of such genius.

    Boy, that woman sounds sexy. I’ll bet the guys just love her! Oy vey.

    You won a groovy award on Shrink Rap. Feel free to collect your loot.

  3. Thanks Lori, but I am so not a professional anything, especially not animator. I just used the “Paint” program on my PC. Just proves that anyone can make one of these things.

    Robin, oh yeah…sexy as hell.

    And I’ll be right over! 😀

  4. Holy crap, this is freaking brilliant! You have to do more of these. Seriously. Just leave the recorder going. You could even make collages out of different conversations and situations. Do enough of these that are this good, and I assure you that fame (and maybe even fortune) will be yours. I’m totally serious.

  5. I’d love to! The problem is that I don’t usually work graveyard anymore, which is when all the weirdos come in. I’ve started bringing the digital camera into work with me just in case, though.

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