First stage of winter – 2008 version

I approach each new winter with the joy and excitement of a little kid. I dream of snowmen and snow forts and snowball fights – yes I really do, even though I should have built up an immunity to such things years ago. It doesn’t take long for the novelty to wear off, though. Usually by February’s dawn, I have long grown tired of shovelling the dooryard and salting the walkway and driving on slippery roads. In fact, last winter I’d had enough by January 2.

But today, with the season’s first taste of snow still lingering on my tongue – and heating oil almost half the price it was last year – I’m still in the first-blush-of-romance stage with Winter 2008. In that spirit, here is a list of What I Love About Winter:



  1. I really, really love my scarf and mittens. (see loverly picture)
  2. Two words: Hot cocoa.
  3. Bad hair day? Pull on a snow hat. Problem solved.
  4. When the bad roads keep me home, I can enjoy the A&E 6-hour version of Pride & Prejudice guilt-free.
  5. Ditto Star Wars 1-6.
  6. Ditto Lord Of The Rings 1-3.
  7. I’ve been working on my sweater body for months, and now I finally get the chance to show it off. 😀

10 thoughts on “First stage of winter – 2008 version

  1. We virtually never get snow hereabouts. It’s the only thing I miss about my former area of residence in the colder climes of The North. So I’m jealous!

  2. #7 is why I love you so much.

    I’m already workin on my summer swimsuit bod, am walking everywhere, you can never start too soon in California, never know when it will suddenly be 100 degrees outside.

    Congratulations with your new site. It looks great.

    My Sunday hot drink concoction was milk, cocoa, stevia, cinnamon, ginger (this weird pack from china town), agave, vanilla… how’s that for an eccentric beverage. So good!

    How about “Shadows of the Night” by Pat Benatar? What are your thoughts on that for a good dance in front of the fire with your hot cocoa? “Midnight angel, why won’t ya say you will… We’re runnin with the shadows of the night, so baby take my hand it’ll be alright, surrender all your dreams to me tonight, they’ll come true in the air.”

  3. Jaden, right back atcha!

    And I am a big fan of Pat Benatar! My personal dance-in-front-of-the-fire song of hers is “All Fired Up.” That’s a rockin’ tune!

  4. That was a strongly pro-snow post. I’m going to rethink the anti-snow stance I’ve been taking for the last couple of years. I loved it when I was a kid, and when my kids were young. Lately I’ve been focusing too much on the inconvenience of it, and loosing sight of the big snow picture. Thanks, Kel!

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