7 thoughts on “This picture is for Robin

  1. They’re my first fluffy slippers ever. Come to think of it, they’re my first pink anything for a long time.

    Fun fact: I bought the nail polish first (I made the trip especially for green nail polish), then grabbed the slippers because I thought they’d look cool together. How girly am I?

  2. OK. I feel better. Lucky you’re in Maine and not Reading, because you would be killed repeatedly if you were here, and maybe killed again just for the hell of it. They don’t allow green nail polish in these here hills. We allow coal mining, chow chow (a freakish pickly concoction), and Nazi conclaves, but no green nail polish. None. You got me, Sister?

    But I’m really from Boston, and I love love love the green nail polish. And you are righter than right. The fluffy pink slippers are the perfect touch. Sigh.

  3. Love the pink and green together! It tells me right there that you’re a fun person. My slippers are black. I want to run out and buy pink ones too!

  4. Robin, you’re from Boston! Cool! (Please tell me you’re a Red Sox fan…) We’re a little easier going up here about da green, that’s fer sure. Plus, people who know me personally are used to my oddities.

    Edie, thanks for coming over! I loved the Depp video you posted at your blog. Color is very important to me, actually. The worst kind of torture for me is to be stuck in a white room.

  5. Just came by to visit the toenails again! *happy sigh*

    Of course I’m a Red Sox fan! And everyone around here is a Yankees fan. But don’t worry, we’ve taught our kids appropriate sports team likes and dislikes. (Sox good. Yankees devil spawn.)

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