The Proviso – review

“… it’s a riff on Hamlet…”
– Moriah Jovan, author of The Proviso

My faithful readers know I’m always looking for something more than just a good book. I want a book that moves me, or makes me think about or look at Stuff in a way I never have before. And I recently found such a book.

The Proviso by Moriah Jovan

Official Synopsis:

Knox Hilliard’s uncle killed his father to marry his mother and gain
control of the family’s Fortune 100 company. Knox is set to inherit the company on his 40th birthday, provided he has a wife and an heir, but he never really wanted it in the first place.

Now, after his bride is murdered on their wedding day and his backup bride poses such a threat to their uncle that he’s tried to kill her-twice-Knox refuses to fulfill The Proviso at all. Then he meets a woman he may not be able to resist long enough to keep her safe.

His cousin, notorious and eccentric financier Sebastian Taight, would have raided the company long ago simply to destroy his despised uncle. For Knox’s sake, he did nothing-until their cousin Giselle barely escaped assassination. The gloves come off, but Sebastian may have jumped in too deep, as the SEC steps in, then Congress threatens to get involved.

Giselle Cox struggles under the weight of having exposed the affair that set her uncle’s plot in motion-twenty years ago. As Knox’s childhood sweetheart, she’s also the most convenient way for Knox to inherit. Their uncle has twice tried to eliminate her, leaving her bankrupt and hoping to get through Knox’s 40th birthday alive.

None of them want the company, but two people have been murdered for it and Giselle is under constant threat because of it. What they want now is justice, but as embroiled as they are in their war, the last thing they expect to find on the battlefield is love.

My take:

This is a deep, intelligent book. It’s a long’un, yes, but so engaging that I didn’t want to put it down. The characters are real, the writing is top-notch…oh, and it’s damn hot, too!

One of the best books I’ve read in a very, VERY long time. Highly recommended.

Buy it HERE.

Moriah Jovan’s blog.


6 thoughts on “The Proviso – review

  1. I most definitely concur with this review. I’m loving it. I didn’t get to read any yesterday though, the day slipped away from me. Tonight I’m hoping to atch up some!

  2. Ok, you’ve persuaded me to read this book.

    But first I’ve got a work called “Waiting for Spring” to read! (Starting it sometime next week)

  3. Zoe, yes! Catch up! 🙂

    Robert, you will not be sorry. And thanks for making time for WFS! 🙂

    MoJo, well deserved! It’s an awesome book!

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