Tess Dyer’s take on Black Friday

From chapter 26 of Waiting For Spring:


I looked out the window at Portland Maine. It was Black Friday. Early bird specials for early Christmas shoppers. Streets and parking lots that were packed with cars. Stores that were packed with angry customers in crowded aisles, fighting over the latest Must Have Toy. This year, like most years, it was some stupid stuffed animal that, when properly stuffed with too many batteries-not-included, spit out three different phrases. It was outrageously priced and in high demand because supplies were short. Supplies were short because the manufacturer had kept production low. That way they could create a high demand and charge outrageous prices.

Ho ho ho.


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One thought on “Tess Dyer’s take on Black Friday

  1. Amen to Tess. Now excuse me while I buy some ridiculously hard to find Wii game that will cost so much I’ll have to start working nights.

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