Just a few plugs

Not the kind of plugs that conduct electricity, nor the kind that come after the Rogaine stops working. I’m talking about the obnoxious kind that boil down to, “Hey! Look at me!!!”

1. Jaden at Screenwriting for Hollywood put up a banner link to the online version of Waiting For Spring. Not because I asked her to do so or because I paid her to do so, but because she likes my writing and wants to lead others to it. That’s a cool feeling. It’s also super-nice of her. To show my appreciation I’d like to lead y’all to her website. You may have noticed the banner link to it down yonder under “Because I Like Movies.” It’s been there for quite a few months, but I want to make sure you check it out. Not just because she linked WFS, but because it’s an awesome site. If you’re a movie fan or a writer–and especially if you’re both–you’ll love it. There’s lots of great stuff there. So go there now!

2. I uploaded “Waiting For Spring” to the GoodReads library. If you’re a member there, you can add it to your bookshelf. While you’re at it, you could add my profile to your list of ‘friends.’ I’m new to the site and would love to see what everyone is reading.

3. This is more an invitation than a plug, but I’ve noticed an increase in readership here at Da Blog over the past week. So to any newcomers: Feel free to comment!!! The more the merrier, the louder the better…that’s what I say.

5 thoughts on “Just a few plugs

  1. She likes your writing…?

    Is she nuts…?

    (Ok, perhaps there are more than just a few of us who think you’re fab!)

  2. Thank you for the nice plug! (I keep thinking of hair plugs when you say plug — not a pretty picture.)

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