Review time

Waiting For Spring recently received its first editorial review at Web Fiction Guide, as well as a review from a Guide member…both of them positive!

“Waiting for Spring is a very well-written, consistent story with a skillful eye for characterization. It’s not a showy fantasy or clever comedy or groundbreaking genre-maker — but it accomplishes something even better. It shows you a main character, and unfolding group of secondary characters, that live and breathe and reach out of the computer screen to touch the reader’s heart and mind.”

“…the story is real – it isn’t all rosebuds and champagne. Life is a struggle and the reader goes along for the ride with the characters as they work their way through the hard times.”

Read the full reviews here:

Waiting For Spring at Web Fiction Guide.

2 thoughts on “Review time

  1. Nice reviews–congratulations! I’ve been remiss in not getting over there to do a review and I’ll try to get to it this weekend. 🙂

  2. I’m still loving it, loving it, loving it…. don’t want it to end, though.

    I treat myself to a bit each day – heaven!

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