Banned Books Week

Today begins Banned Books week. To celebrate I’m re-reading a frequently banned book, Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. I chose it because:

1. I like it.
2. I haven’t read it for a long time.
3. It’s short, and will be easy to read in what will be a very busy week for me.

For more information on Banned Books Week (sponsored by the American Library Association) check out this website.

3 thoughts on “Banned Books Week”

  1. I love banned books.

    And honestly in the long run banned books outsell many other books usually.

    Because people always want to read what’s naughty.

  2. I wish Steinbeck could have lived to 150, and I would have read everything else he could have written.

  3. That books get banned really disturbs me.

    I won’t name certain places in the world because I don’t feel like being controversial at the moment, but their media is highly controlled, highly religious, people’s minds are completely controlled, no freedom of personal thought and development; it is so sad.

    I hope the US does not go too far in that direction. I know we do it too (control media with religious and political and financial slants) because when I travel, I hear very different news in other countries.

    Mice and Men is one of those required readings I still haven’t read. Naughty me. Tell me how you like it.

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