It’s gonna be a long winter

At a little after 3:00 Tuesday morning, a guy came into the store with a little over $20 in rolled coins, mostly pennies. He used them to buy kerosene to heat his trailer. Temps were in the mid 30s F, his place was freezing, and his four-year-old daughter has a cold. He and his wife each have jobs that pay only slightly more than minimum wage, yet they were recently turned down for heating assistance.

That’s right. We’ve got people rolling coins (!!!!!) for heating oil now–in September, mind you, long before snow’s gonna fly–while Mr. Bush and his cronies are giving a bunch of greedy, incompetent corporate assholes a $700 billion handout…excuse me, I meant to say bail out.

Is something wrong here, or is it just me?????

6 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a long winter

  1. I keep hearing that the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a particularly cold winter. Here in Texas, there are already Canadian Geese visiting the lakes, which doesn’t usually happen until mid or late October. Our overnight lows in Houston are below normal, but with half a million still without electricity, we’re calling it a blessing.

    It’s sad and scary to think people in your neck of the woods are already digging under the sofa cushions so they can scrape together money to stay warm.

  2. You won’t get any arguement from me. It’s pretty messed up. I guess they could come here. We don’t have heating oil – it’s 104 degrees today. Did someone say it is fall? Hadn’t noticed.

  3. At least it’s comforting to know that part of that $700B buyout will probably help pay for multi-million dollar Golden Parachutes for the CEO’s.

    Maybe they should be paid in pennies.

    – Friar

  4. What’s $700 b amongst friends?

    These are the same jackasses that say we can’t afford 1/100th of that for health care – not that I’m for nationalized health care, but if we’re going to dole out ducats, I’d rather dole it out to the victims of Wall Street, not the *&^%ing perps.

    Your elected "representatives" and candidates for panderer-in-chief are lining up to see how fast they can bail out the fat cats before the public lynches them.


    The Federal Reserve is a BANK. Why does the gummint have to borrow money from a BANK to buy up bad debt from other BANKS? You'd think the Fed could just skip the middle man?

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