Idols for Writers


I don’t watch American Idol for the same reason I’ve never visited a hot dog factory: I don’t like the resulting product, so I have no interest in seeing what disgusting things are thrown into the pot used to make it. I do have an idea of how the process works, though, enough that when my buddy, Elle, told me about the Live Journal version for writers, I knew it was right up my alley. Here’s the deal:

“This is a writing contest community where the entries are submitted and then posted anonymously…and voted on by community members only…no tricks…no gimmicks…no pimping…no recommended reading lists…because after all…

…it really IS just about the writing!

Can you be the last writer standing?
There is a weekly prompt…everyone submits an entry for that prompt…the entries are posted anonymously and voted on anonymously. People give constructive criticism or “notes” on the entries. As people are voted out it is revealed who wrote what. In the end there will be one writer left standing…will it be you?!”

It starts tomorrow, so if you’re interested in joining, click the picture up yonder. If you don’t have the time/interest/desire to participate in the writing prompts, you can join the community anyway to read and vote on entries. Either way, come on and join the fun!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and post my entries here each week after the voting is concluded.

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