Monday Morning Musings

A young guy (well, “young” is a relative term…he’s in his mid-twenties, which is young to me) came into the store at about 2am and bought a package of tampons for his girlfriend. And what’s more…he did it without a trace of the usual male embarrassment that accompanies such a purchase.

I think that is the ultimate expression of affection/love. At least it seemed like it at two in the morning. It still seems like it over six hours later. And I’m at a loss to come up with a female-to-male equivalent.

Maybe after I’ve had some sleep…

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. Whhhooo! I’m just excited to see in writing that I am still considered young. My boss’ teenagers have been making me worry…

  2. Teenagers are good at that, Jen. But never fear…twenty-something is still young.

    See, now that’s what I thought, Spy. (Men…take note.)

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