Looking for inspiration?

Here you go.

Over yonder, in my blogroll, you’ll see a link for Blogs Are Stupid, a blog that is anything but. Today its author–known as Blog Antagonist–posted an entry that I think you should check out entitled Inspiration. A brief teaser excerpt:

Sometimes, you run across people that touch you; truly, deeply, profoundly. And those people reignite the little spark of hope that lives inside each of us. The things that they do aren’t necessrily big and flashy. Even a small kindness can illuminate the hugeness of a human heart.

There are people, however, who are capable of amazing geneorosity and selflessness. They are the ones who should be figuring so prominently in the media that we devour on a daily basis.

Not politicians. Not celebrities. Not fame whores and poptarts.

Because they are the ones who illuminate the goodness of which we are all capable. They are the ones who battle the monsters that walk among us. They are the ones who make human beings worthy of the value we place on ourselves; arrogant creatures that we are.

We don’t always know who they are because they don’t go about proclaiming their benevolence. They simply live it.

Such was the case with a woman I met recently…

Check out the rest HERE.

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