Monday, Monday…

Things are a bit hectic ’round these here parts, so I have only enough time to get in my weekly plug.

Chapters 28 and 29 of Waiting for Spring were posted at Readers and Writers Blog on Sunday, along with chapters 4 and 5 of Ann M. Pino’s Steal Tomorrow (also see the banner/link on the right sidebar) and some cool new poetry by P.L Frederick.

And to say that I’ve been working like a crazy woman to update my website so that the ebook of Waiting for Spring can be read there directly, instead of on the googlepages site. Thanks to Tom Griffin for teaching me all about the wonders of FTP files and all of that sort of stuff.

I’ll keep you posted…

6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. I left a comment on Readers and Writers Blog about Chapter 29. I’ll elaborate here to say that you have a wonderful talent for describing emotions, especially conflicting ones and those feelings we “shouldn’t” have but do, anyway.

    I hope Tess gets her ring back.

  2. True, there’s always that possibility; you never know what those publishers are looking for. But at least you’ve got good grammar, Kel! 🙂

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