The Chapter of Infamy

Well, today’s the day. Waiting For Spring‘s infamous “abortion chapter” (Chapter 26) makes its debut at Readers and Writers Blog, along with the equally intense–and possibly soon to be infamous–Chapter 27. Actually, it’s all pretty intense from here on out. Buckle up.

Also, chapters 2 and 3 of Ann M. Pino’s Steal Tomorrow have been posted. It is seriously good reading. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “The Chapter of Infamy

  1. It’s interesting to me that you had people interpret Chapter 26 as “blatantly” anything. The characters seemed very ambivalent to me and that was what I took away from it– that some things are simply too complicated to shove into a box labeled “good” or “bad.” You make what you hope is the best choice and pray you’ll be forgiven if you’re wrong.

    But given how extreme some people’s reactions are to the whole abortion issue, I suppose it’s inevitable that anything that doesn’t clearly mimic one’s personal jingoistic party line is going to be labeled as being pro the other side.

    Personally, I like nuanced, complex characters. If I want to read about people who are all good or all bad with never a qualm on their straight path, I’ll go read a fairy tale.

  2. Oh, poo! I wish I hadn’t read that.

    I might have to stop regularly checking by as I’m a bit behind what’s going out on Readers and Writers Blog.

    Once I’m up to speed I’ll catch up again!

    (Loving it so far!)

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