Marshmallow fluff

That’s what my brain resembles this morning, only not quite as sweet. That’s right, another overnight shift. Unfortunately for my blog, it was a very uneventful night. Even worse, I found out that my boss’s boss decided that it isn’t necessary for the store to be open 24 hours, and has therefore cut the third shift. That’s right…I’m out of a job. Tonight’s my last night. (I suppose it’d be rather selfish for me to forget to mention that the other third shift guy is out of a job, too.)

Being “let go” is an icky feeling. I’m sure I’ll come up with something better than “icky” to describe it once I’ve had a good day’s sleep.

In the meantime, check out Chapter 1 of <a href=”
” target=”_blank”>Waiting For Spring at Readers and Writers Blog. There’s a bunch of other cool new stuff posted there as well, including a new non-fiction short story from Hugh Yonn, “a Florida writer who reflects on the inadvisability of becoming a big-time marijuana dealer.” It’s led to a very interesting discussion about the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana and other drugs.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to take my Benedryl…

2 thoughts on “Marshmallow fluff

  1. I’ll try to get this comment in before the Benadryl puts you to sleep!

    I love marshmallow fluff on a sandwich with peanut butter! Haven’t had one o’ them in years. We grew up calling them fluffernutters.

    I am so glad you don’t have to work at that C-store in the middle of the night no more, Kel. You’s can write fer yer supper,’k?

  2. I’m sorry about your job! But… yep, I’m going to say it…

    Everything happens for a reason. (even crappy things.)

    Let’s open up a Maine publishing house! We’ll take the world by storm! (or at least a few counties…)

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