Spew…I’m pretty sure that’s a word.

Sorry about the delay on the third (and final) installment of No Pants Lady. The cold I was suffering from (excuse me…from which I was suffering) has gotten worse, and now that the trees and grass of Maine have decided to spew their loverly spring pollen forth into the air, I’m suffering from allergies as well. To counteract this, I’ve been hopped up on Benedryl, and as a result I’ve been in and out of consiousness for the past 36 hours or so. I realize that most of my blog entries sound like they were written while I was hopped up on Benedryl (or indeed, something stronger), but alas! such is not the case.

Once my mind is cleared of its medicinal fog, I’ll spew part 3 forth into the air. Or, you know, something like that.

Meanwhile, check out the new works posted on Readers and Writers Blog. They include some amazing poetry by Jennifer Weber, as well as the newest installments of Ginny Good and The Unearthing.

3 thoughts on “Spew…I’m pretty sure that’s a word.

  1. Oh mercy! Our pollen slime season is weeks past … amazing how early it comes down here … or late up there, whichever way you wanna look at it.

    Luckily I didn’t need Benadryl at that time, and NOTHING but hyper-doses of Tylenol helped the common cold with which I came down! LOL!

    Thanks for the plug, luvvy!

  2. Here in Ohio, allergies have been HORRIBLE this year. Everyone I know with allergies had a worse time of it this year. DH has been beyond miserable. He can’t wait to leave to work, just so he can get some relief.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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