Update on The Quest

You may remember that a few weeks ago I let y’all know that an agent requested a partial (a two-page synopsis and the first five chapters) of Waiting for Spring, and then the full manuscript. Today the agent’s rejection came in the mail. She said “it’s not commercial enough for my client list.” Still, I’m not giving up hope.

In the meantime…if you haven’t read it yet, give it a try. Tell your friends. Several people who aren’t related to me by blood or marriage have enjoyed it.

[There’s a link to it on my new website as well.]

2 thoughts on “Update on The Quest

  1. I understand the compulsion. I haven’t even finished this novel yet and am already mentally working on my next project. When you have to write, you have to (even when you can’t always find the time, which is the problem I seem to be facing). Still, it is almost a sickness, the need to keep writing.

  2. Sorry to hear it was a rejection you got; but glad that you’re not quitting (though somehow I don’t think I’d believe it if you did). And yes, one of these days I will sit down and give it a go. When I’m done with Screnzy, most likely.
    As for whether or not your work is ‘commercial’ enough… Well. Are you in this for the money? No? Didn’t think so.
    Keep the words coming 🙂

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