Editing Sucks Big Fat Eggs.

My buddy H2 requested me to update this poor, neglected blog.
Here is an update, for what it’s worth.

I’m editing the book I blogged so much about in the merry, merry month of March. And let me tell you now: Editing a book isn’t as much fun as writing it.

It’s not the spelling and grammatical mistakes. That I can do with my eyes closed (and with the help of my very excellent spell check!) It’s the whole “fill in this gaping plot hole” thing, and the “this character is one dimensional” problem and the “WTF is this steaming pile of horse crap you call a chapter?????” quandry.

It ain’t sexy (unlike my book–Hi Mom!!!) but it’s an update.

2 thoughts on “Editing Sucks Big Fat Eggs.

  1. There, there dear.

    Isn’t that better?

    “Steaming pile of horse crap” might make for a good chapter if one were writing a book on organic fertilizer.

    If it’s a romance, do you need a fat, middle-aged white guy to pose for the cover? I ain’t Fabio, but I make up in effort what I lack in attributes.

    A heaving-bosomed wench to fondle while posing and I’ll cut my rate 50%.

    Or more.


    Yo ho! Yo ho!
    A pirate’s life for me!

    I once got a little over-excited during a love scene rehearsal. After about an hour of making out with the lead actress, who was a hottie and a pretty good smoocher, I thought the faggoty director was going to have a stroke when I exited, stage right.

    That was funny!

    But that wouldn’t happen with the heaving-bosomed wench.

    I’m sure of it.

    Unless the photographer is faggoty.

  2. Blog entries are easy. Especially if you leave ’em on someone else’s blog!

    No mess to clean up.

    G’nite, Gracie!

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