Weekend Wrap Up

Speaking of spending income tax refund money, the family and I went to Uno’s Chicago Grill in Portland on Saturday for lunch after spending much of our income tax refund money at Circuit City and Toys R Us and I had the best meal ever that I have eaten: Chicken Spinoccoli. It was chicken, pounded flatter than a board, and stuffed (and subsequently rolled up) with broccoli, tomatoes and basil. THEN they took that (delicious enough as it was) and served it over Ziti with a basil alfredo sauce. There might have been some sort of cheese involved too, in fact I’m pretty sure there was. But anyway, if you get yourself to Uno’s anytime soon be sure and order this delectable treat for the tastebuds. Tell ’em Kel sent ya. This will mean absolutely nothing to them, and I guarantee that it will in no way make you eligible for a free dessert or beverage of any kind, but tell ’em anyway and enjoy the inevitable confusion that will ensue.

One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Just great.

    AFTER I start my diet.

    Even worse – just found out about a brew pub that hitherto failed to attract my attention.

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