Nothing but net

Chapter 22 of Waiting for Spring has been posted at Readers and Writers Blog. I really like this chapter, if I’m allowed to say so. I have a rather soft spot for Tess’ ex-husband, Jason.

My goal in writing the Tess/Jason subplot was to create a tragic love story that could have been the subject of an entire novel on its own, and I’m pretty happy with the result. I wrote said backstory after a conversation I had with a friend of mine about the concept of Soulmates. Is there such a thing? What happens when you’ve found yours, then lost him? Is everyone entitled to just one, or are there dozens of potential soulmates out there somewhere?

Actually, that conversation was the impetus not just for this subplot, but for the entire book, even though I never use the term. And the idea of introducing Jason to readers as the jerkwad ex-husband, then having Tess gradually peel back the layers of hurt to reveal a once deliriously happy couple, came to me after I saw “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” (Great movie. If you haven’t seen it, get on it right away.)

And–if I’m further allowed to brag–one of my favorite lines of the novel comes from Chapter 22:

“I was fucking exhausted, completely worn out from a night awake and a day of work and an evening of back-breaking sex…”

So, check it out, along with Chapter 34:Colma of Gerard Jones’ Ginny Good.