A vote for Zoe

Zoe Winters‘ story – called A Safer Life –  has made it to the semi-final rounds in the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest after making it through the first round of voting back in November. I read it again this afternoon and dang! I’d forgotten just how hot it is.

Head on over and give her your vote.

5 thoughts on “A vote for Zoe

  1. That story rocks! I want to vote again as a different person. I’d read it again, but I have to get to work, and no time for a shower…

  2. haha, Robin! All these showers people are taking! I’m proud to be helping keep America clean and hygenic! 😀 😛

    You can’t vote twice, but you can ask people you know to vote! Or blog it. 😀

    Thanks again for the vote, and especially for thinking the story rocks!

  3. Zoe is/you are in the lead with 35% of the vote! Next best is only 15% An unassailable lead?

    Btw, Zoe is/you are responsible for helping keep England clean & hygenic, too!

  4. Hehe Robert, yay! I’m glad to be contributing to hygiene in the UK as well! Thank you for the vote!

    And yes, I’m thrilled with the lead, but I have to stay on top of it. Voting goes through Sunday, and someone could very well come take it from me if I sit back and relax.


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